Cyber Laws

Business Process Management Software


Business process management software is a complex web platform aimed at improving a company’s performance. Contemporary BPM platforms contain hundreds of customizable web tools, which are characterized by high efficiency, user-friendly design and exceptional security standards. BPM, which stands for Business Process Management, is a relatively new managerial concept which has, however, gained vast global […]

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What Is Cybercrime?

The definition of cybercrime is quite simple, that is any illegal activity that is performed through the Internet or other modern communications means. There are different types of cybercrimes. They can be directed on a vast network of computers and devices, such as denial of service attacks, computer viruses and malware. Cybercrimes could also be […]

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Possible Legal Problems That Could Affect Websites

Getting in trouble with our websites can be easier than we might think. For companies that rely heavily on online activities may need to consider a number of things to allow them clear of possible problems. The problem can be quite complicated, because online laws are often changing in some areas. One of the most […]

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Legal Issues in Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a concept to provide access to a huge database of information through simple Internet browsers. The data can be accessed and software can be opened, despite their remote locations. They are no longer stored in local hard drive or other storage media on the user’s premises. Proponents of cloud storage claim multiple […]

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Things We Should Know About Money Laundering

In general, money laundering is an act of transferring money gained from criminal or illegal activities. The money could change form into physical assets or other currencies to make difficult for the authority or law enforcement agencies to confiscate it. Money laundering could affect innocent parties, especially if they are unaware of the illegal origin […]

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How to Deal With Cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking is the consequence of the use of Internet. It becomes much easier for people to communicate with one another; but it is also easier for bad individuals to stalk their victims. Stalking could also incorporate libel, slander, defamation and accusations. It could be punishable by imprisonment or stiff fines. There are different forms of […]

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What is Legal Mediation?

People often need to deal with dispute, while settling their overall differences. There are multiple ways to help them achieve this. It is important for people to find alternative solutions for their problems. This should allow them to have appreciation for the benefits of these methods and one of them is legal mediation. It is […]

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Copyright Protection for Online Works

After satisfying the requirements of specific laws, people could put their work under the copyright protection. In this case, they should be able to present evidence that they have created something unique on a particular date. Without copyright protection, third parties could copy the work for their purposes. Each draft should be marked with date […]

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The Use of Recorded Online Communication for Evidences

Many people use online communications and this could have a number of legal implications. Smartphones, tablets and laptops can be connected to the Internet very easily and this provides users with readily available information. The Internet world is literally smorgasbord of data – sport stats heaven, facts galore and other relevant details for each user. […]

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Things We Should Know About Separation

During cases of separation, many couples have incorrect assumptions about specific rights. Many of them think that if they move out, they would instantly lose entitlement to that house, or they may receive less in the settlement. In fact, whether they move out or not, it doesn’t affect the property entitlement. However, it does give […]

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